Discovering coach shoulder bag outlet,pretty best Coach handbags/bags/purses…highly sale at pretty low price.Enough orders for you,just click here and order immediately.FREE delivery! Teens plan to act up at drama festival TOWNSEND When Travis Maider laughed nervously after flubbing a line during a rehearsal Tuesday at North Middlesex Regional High School, CoDirector Ray Kane urged him to compose himself. It was the first day students were reciting lines without their scripts for the oneact play, "Our Diamond." Students learned this week they will compete in the preliminary round of the Massachusetts High School Drama Guild annual festival for oneact plays at Leominster High School on Feb. 27. They are taking on a challenging play. It depicts the lives of five women trying to revive their spirits by pretending to act out a play in front of an imaginary audience while imprisoned in the Auschwitz concentration coach legacy signature crossbody handbags khaki camp during World War II. A diamond smuggled into camp plays a central role in the play. "It's very emotionally charged," said CoDirector Dave Plant. "It's a Holocaust story; it's a story of hope, it's a story of survival." Other nearby schools taking part in the festival include Fitchburg, Leominster, St. Bernard, ActonBoxboro, Austin Prep, Tewksbury and Tyngsboro high schools. There are 14 sites throughout the state and each one will have eight or nine schools taking part, Kane said. "This is not like a competition they try to focus on it as a festival instead of a competition," said senior Nick Lorenzen, 17, who plays a camp guard. "They just want it to be a celebration of the arts and what we have done and accomplished." About 23 North Middlesex students are taking part in the play. It's written for nine roles, coach angeline square sunglasses brown coach outlet discount codes so Kane and Plant have a full cast of understudies. "The cast is small, so we had to make sure everyone could get involved in some way," Kane said. The play is expected to run for up to 40 minutes. The festival is a social opportunity for drama students to watch each other at work, said sophomore Falisha Oser, 16, who plays a jeweler with a moving soliloquy toward the end of the play. Many plays at the festivals cover serious material and are thoughtprovoking, said senior Blaise Davi, 18, who plays a prisoner. "Getting the role is a lot of responsibility, you really can't slack off when playing this kind of part because it's disrespectful," she said. "It's a challenge to make it believable and authentic ." Three drama clubs competing at Leominster High School will move to the semifinal round, Maider said. Last year's North Middlesex club coach madison embossed metallic snake large wallets silver was the first in decades to move into the semifinals with its performance of "Beyond Tolerance," Kane said. Drama clubs can edit a fulllength play to a single act, write an original play or find an established singleact play, he said. "Our Diamond" was written by Clint Miller and published by Baker's Plays last year. Kane and Plant chose the play from about 10 others they considered, Kane said. "I, for one, am not one who likes to cut fulllength pieces because I think if somebody wrote it then they wrote it for a reason versus us cutting it to a 40minute production," he said. Kane, went to France in the summer of 2007 to study modern French theater, said "Our Diamond" fits a philosophy he shares that drama should be thoughtprovoking. "Part of what we studied there is when you walk away from a production, you should really be challenged to think about something," he said. Drama teaches valuable lessons for his students, said Kane, who teaches French at coach outlet location school. Acting teaches them about how to take positive risks and keep commitments once involved in a project, he said. "It teaches them the skill of speaking. we've lost the art of being able to public speak," Kane said. "I think part of the drama program is teaching students how to do that and also to give them the ability to be outside of themselves, being that they can be someone else for a little while to put themselves in somebody else's shoes."